Does Fox Sports have a new home in Boston?

Bob Nelson
Wed Oct 28 12:07:17 EDT 2009

SNR has no problem with still being on 1510 as well as 98.5 (certainly SNR gets to clear 7-11 pm weeknights as 98.5 either has
D.A. or the Bruins). I can't see 98.5 getting rid of SNR a mere 2 and a half months after they debuted; carrying just J.T.'s
show (does he have that big a cult following?) is a possibility but who knows.

Paul said:

>>I highly doubt it'll be on 1510, as Davidson Media's operating method is "you pay, we play"... so unless someone is going to pay for block time, it ain't happening. Plus, how successful could sports be surrounded by a bunch of paid progrmaming on a less then stellar night signal.
Good points!

>>And if 890 jettisoned sports just recently, why would they brnig it back?

Well I don't know if they're for sale or not but some say it's better to sell a station that's active rather than dark. I think
the deal with 890 was that ESPN pulled their affiliation away; this meant the local show(s) had to go too as money was probably
tight (what else was 890 going to put on, with no ESPN?). The decision was probably made by ESPN to part ways, I believe, as they
wanted a stronger station (and WEEI was probably wooing them)

I don't see 1200 or 1430 picking up Fox Sports but I could be wrong. There is the connection between Premiere and Clear Channel.
But could yet another sports signal work here? Does the Spanish programming make money for them? (Guessing it does...) A remote
possibility might be them putting it on 1430 (now "mia") and keeping Rumba on 1200. But again, I would expect it to be 890 or
1510--though you did make good points. But apparently Mark S. heard J.T. say, or he found out somehow, that he has someone
to carry his show in Boston. No idea whom just yet.

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