WBZ-TV and the change to Eastern Standard Time NEXT weekend?

Scott Fybush scott@fybush.com
Sun Oct 25 23:10:38 EDT 2009

Dave Doherty wrote:
> Hi, all-
> On tonight's news program, the little call sign / logo / current time 
> widget on the lower right corner of the screen showed the time in 
> Eastern Standard Time. They aired the Patriots / Tampa Bay game from 
> London earlier in the day. The UK went to standard time last night, but 
> we don't move to standard time until next weekend.  So I thought when 
> they switched to 60 Minutes, which airs at  7-8PM Eastern, we might have 
> seen something else.  But 60 Mins came up as planned, only an hour later 
> than CBS.com says it should air.
> I can't wait to see whether they air the 11PM newscast at eleven or 
> midnight...

The bug on WBZ-TV must be powered by my bedroom VCR, which auto-switched 
to EST this morning, too!

Hmmm...if I reset it to the correct time, will channel 4 drop back an 
hour, too?


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