Newsweek Confuses Broadcasting and Cable TV
Sat Oct 24 16:38:44 EDT 2009

The latest issue of Newsweek devotes a page to the emanations of TV broadcasting from the earliest days and how
these signals may be reaching potential viewers elsewher in the Galaxy.  First of all, Joe Biden apparently
was right about FDR being on television...he just got the year wrong.  Denizens of planets orbiting stars 60 light
years away would be witnessing the earliest baseball telecasts as well as the aforementioned FDR speech.
Closer to Earth, pictures of Milton Berle, Lucille Ball and Ernie Kovacs are just reaching locales 50 light years
away and so forth.'s where Newsweek's whimsy goes off the rails:  not far from Proxima Centauri, they
should be just getting Spongebob Squarepants and The Sopranos.  These two are ON CABLE, not broadcast.
Seinfeld yes, Spongebob no as far as electronic propagation is concerned.

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