quick turntable question

Ted Larsen tlmedia@triad.rr.com
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Broadcast turntables have made it to YouTube. Pretty interesting stuff.
This is a Gates which we all remember well 
Here's a QRK. Can't imagine why there is no tonearm. 
You'll even find a Russco nostalgia site http://www.russcoturntables.com/

You'll also see many other broadcast related electronics videos. Have fun


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> At 12:56 PM 10/16/2009, Sid Schweiger wrote:
>>Most likely a QRK.  The wooden tonearm was made by a company out of 
>>western Massachusetts whose name escapes me for the moment.
> I've seen QRK and Gates TTs with Gray Research arms installed on them, and 
> have also seen both with Rek-O-Kut arms on them. The type of arm gives no 
> clue as to the make of broadcast turntable, as the arm and the TT were 
> generally ordered separately.
> Gray Research & Development Co., Inc., was a subsidiary of The Gray 
> Manufacturing Company. I have a Hartford CT address for the parent company 
> and a Manchester (Hartford County) CT address for the Gray Research 
> division. Both are in western CT, not western MA.
> Grado, Grace, and others also made wooden tonearms, but the only wooden 
> arm I've seen in radio stations was Gray (or Micro Trak - see below). Gray 
> also made metal arms popular with stations. The Gray's I'm used to were 
> straight laminated wood arms. For a picture see:
> http://www.cognitivevent.com/av_lenco.html
> Scroll down to see a good shot of the arm, with the "g" printed on it. I 
> think the LP-length (12") version was the Gray 303. IIRC it was also 
> rebranded and sold as a Micro Trak 303,with the Micro Trak logo printed on 
> it instead of the "g."
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