"The BIG 89!" (was Re: 890/1400)

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On many nights, a better choice for skywave ESPN reception is WMVP
Chicago on 1000. Unlike WEPN, which is a Class B and is co-channel
with a 50 kW Canadian station, CHUM, which protects it from
interference only in the New York City area--not in southern New
England, WMVP is a Class A, directionalized to the east, and has one
of the best signals in this area of all of the big Chicago AMs.
Because WMVP is a Class A, it receives little co-channel skywave
interference, although it does have to contend with the IBOC hash from
first-adjacent WINS. WMVP is often the better signal here even though
it is nearly 700 miles further from us than WEPN is.

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Ironically enough at one point didn't the 890 here call themselves "La
Mega" (later moved to, or from, 1150),
which is Spanish for "the Big"... ? :)

Even when our 890 was on, sometimes the Chicago one would cut in...the
same way that last week, when I attempted to
hear a baseball playoff game at work on WEPN 1050 (in a place where I
could get AM recep), I kept getting CHUM with some talk show or
something (ads that were run
featured a URL with ".ca" at the end), then the NYC ESPN outlet would
come back in...

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