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>From what I hear, leased-time religion is not doing well in the
recession. Dunno about ethnic. It sounds as if WRCA is selling well
over half of the hours between midnight and 5:00AM. So that business
seems to remain pretty solid. I think WUNR is doing even better than
that, but I can't get the station at night to check.

WBNW has just started originating its own programming (financial talk)
during most of the broadcast day. Some of this is leased time, but it
sounds as if a lot of it is not. This appears to be a very bold move,
especially in today's economy. WBNW could really benefit by moving to
the much bigger 890 signal but I doubt that that is going to happen.
Waller Sutton probably wants way more money than Armstrong would be
willing to pay either to buy or to lease 890.

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> Dollar a holler religion or ethnic would seem the only option in
> this
> economy for an AM start-up (or restart), wouldn't it?
> Howard
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>> Bob Nelson posted at radio-info.com that these stations will return
>> to
>> the air next month but there is no info on the exact date or
>> format.
>> Anyone have any details? rumors?
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