September PPM numbers

Alan Tolz
Fri Oct 9 17:37:40 EDT 2009

I agree with your read on this, but I am curious as to where ANY former WBCN 
listeners went?  They don't seem to be reflected anywhere.  Any thoughts?
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Subject: September PPM numbers

> Just glancing at the September PPM numbers at and some
> interesting results in the overall numbers
> WBZ-FM had a respectable launch obviously helped by the Patriots but
> WEEI wasn't dented at all and gained almost exactly what WRKO lost
> which is no doubt Red Sox related.
> WMKK even with signal limitations continues to score well and WAAF
> gained very little with the end of WBCN
> Given those numbers I would think if Entercom moves WEEI to FM it will
> be to the WAAF slot and perhaps use the Milton transmitter to improve
> WMKK to the south given that EEI-FM currently covers the area south of
> Boston well.

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