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In my post of yesterday evening, in which I speculated on the
pssibility of Entercom making a last minute deal to acquire 99.5 from
WGBH in exchange for 97.7 and a big tax savings (from donating 97.7 to
WGBH), I forgot to ask whether an on-channel booster on 107.3 atop one
of the tall buildings downtown might not be a workable way for
Entercom to replace 97.7. Can anybody shed some light on whether such
a booster could a) conform to FCC rules and b) improve the 107.3
signal in Boston proper without causing signal problems elsewhere in
the metro (out over Mass Bay wouldn't matter)? My understanding is
that on-channel boosters must not extend the primary station's 60-dBu
contour. Is that correct?

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