WHAI 98.3 & WMUA reception

Martin Waters martinjwaters@yahoo.com
Thu Oct 8 02:54:29 EDT 2009

--- On Wed, 10/7/09, Roger Kirk <rogerkirk@ttlc.net> wrote:
 > Little notice.  Any reason[s] given? 
> Anarchy?  Subversion?  "Because he could?"

Exactly -- because he could. The reason given was that the engineering school needed the space. Again, I like to think that in the good old days we would have responded -- just for starters -- by giving him a sales brochure from a portable classroom manufacturer along with a high-ball estimate on the hundreds of thousands of dollars he was going to pay to build us new studios and a tentative projection that we could maybe move out in two years. If he said please. 


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