Open House Party/Superadio Split

Tim Martin
Wed Oct 7 14:37:36 EDT 2009

>From a recent email signed - Jack Bryant   President/COO Superadio

I quote:
"Per your Affiliate Agreement with Superadio, LLC relating to Open House
Party, this letter will serve as notice that the producer of the
program, Radiocraft, Inc., has terminated Superadio's rights to the
program, effective September 30, 2009.

Therefore, Superadio exercises its rights and obligations as provided in
Section 4 of the Program Agreement.  You will continue to receive the
program from Radiocraft.  Superadio has been informed by Radiocraft that
someone will be in contact with you shortly."
Also got one for Party Playhouse.  John Garabedian and Radiocraft apparently hold the rights to Party Playhouse and OHP, and have decided to go it alone, acting as sole producer/satellite distributor of the programs.  Anyone know more?


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