Re2: WHAI 98.3 & WMUA reception

Dale H. Cook
Thu Oct 1 05:29:24 EDT 2009

At 12:32 AM 10/1/2009, Robert F. Sutherland wrote:

>PS but my memory is, as a UMASS  student & WMUA station member,
>when it was still 10w & antenna on the old Engrg bldg.

It still was when I started at WMUA 40 years ago this fall, with a 
two-bay Jampro JSCP antenna, and the transmitter was a Collins 
exciter, IIRC an 830A-2. The only processing was a single Gates unit, 
but I disremember which model - perhaps a Level Devil?

Dale H. Cook, Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting, 
Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA - WZZI / WZZU / WLNI / WLEQ 

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