HD tuners (was: WCRB website down)

Richard Chonak rac@gabrielmass.com
Mon Nov 30 23:11:02 EST 2009

Eli Polonsky wrote:
> However, I was pleased to find that the "iLuv" HD
> clock radio has the best HD tuner I've heard yet.
> I knew it would have no problem with 89.7 HD2 in
> Newton, but it also gets 99.5 in HD despite the 
> hill blocking the signal! It also has no problem
> with the Boston HD3 signals even six miles away 
> behind the hill. My Sangean won't decode HD3's at
> all at my Somerville apartment three miles line 
> of sight of the Pru. I'm planning to replace my
> Sangean with an "iLuv" radio this week while my
> 20% off coupon at You-Do-It Electronics is good.

Thanks for bringing up this subject.    Does anyone know whether there's 
  any buying advice about HD radio tuners/receivers available on the 
'net, beyond what Eli has mentioned?

This could become a regular FAQ topic, perhaps deserving of its own page 
on the bostonradio.org web site!


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