Globe: WGBH "TV on the radio", Rooney/Crossley talk show etc

Donna Halper
Sat Nov 28 11:53:27 EST 2009

At 11:46 AM 11/28/2009, Martin Waters wrote:
>    Can you be more specific? I'm very curious.    Is the problem 
> about stating that TV simulcasts on radio are often all about 
> saving money?    In the specific case of "60 Minutes," I've had the 
> impression that CBS more or less told its major-market owned 
> all-news stations to run it.

I said that most of the time, TV does NOT translate well over radio, 
and that TV is a visual medium, so unless the hosts are specially 
prepared for the simulcast (which most are not), they say things like 
"As you can see by this map..."  Radio is a story-telling medium 
where you paint pictures with words.  TV is visual, and as such, it 
wasn't meant to be a substitute for a skilled radio announcer. I said 
that while it can work sometimes-- as with CBS simulcasting 60 
Minutes, which is helpful to people who are in their car, for 
example, and can't get home to watch the show, generally companies 
that do simulcasting are doing it to save money.

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