Globe: WGBH "TV on the radio", Rooney/Crossley talk show etc

Martin Waters
Sat Nov 28 11:46:24 EST 2009

--- On Sat, 11/28/09, Donna Halper <> wrote:
> I'm always glad to be quoted, but bless his heart, he kind
> of distorted a couple of things I said.

   Can you be more specific? I'm very curious.

   Is the problem about stating that TV simulcasts on radio are often all about saving money?

   In the specific case of "60 Minutes," I've had the impression that CBS more or less told its major-market owned all-news stations to run it. It's on all over the country. Some sort of re-enforcement of the "60 Minutes" franchise, I suppose. 

   WCBS also runs the 6:30 p.m. network news every day -- but obviously is gritting its teeth at the same time. It's interesting listening. The radio anchors jump in repeatedly . . . covering all the ads and parts of the TV newscast with WCBS news, and especially traffic and weather.

   As far as I can hear, all that half-hour does for WCBS is cause it to give up its spots at a prime hour.

    WCBS doesn't even want to run the full 5-minute hourly radio network news. Most hours it cuts out after 3 minutes.

     Wasn't it Tip O'Neill who said, All all-news radio is local?



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