750 South Street Studio (Maybe Towers?) To Be Vacated

lglavin@mail.com lglavin@mail.com
Wed Nov 25 15:30:19 EST 2009

The Boston Radio Watch blog says that WGBH will be carting away about 10,000 CDs from the WCRB studio at South Street in Waltham (9700 of which will have been shrink-wrapped a decade ago and never used)  and the facility will probably be totally vacated.  Ok, this makes sense.  But over the past year-and-a-half, I've wondered why the owners of the office park that also occupies the space haven't persuaded Nassau to tear down those towers that, along with the supports, take up so much space.  WRCA had to move to the Sawmill Brook Parkway location long before the 3-station buildout was finished, presumably because Nassau wasn't willing to extend the lease.  One tower appears to have the STL to Wood Hill, but I don't think it has to be 200 feet up.  Gee, if WGBH is stuck with the building and towers, could some station install a transmitter there on the cheap and get better reception west of Boston, like WMKI or WROL, or even AM 890 whatever it does?

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