Roger Kirk rogerkirk@ttlc.net
Wed Nov 25 18:26:02 EST 2009

Mark Laurence wrote:
> When I first lived in Maine, the Airline was my favorite road trip.  
> There was no electricity and no telephone for most of the route, and 
> the weird non-names for towns (Entering Township 1 Range 7) added to 
> the sense of complete isolation.  For about 45 miles there was only 
> one outpost, a general store in Beddington, and when they got 
> telephone service and electricity, it made the front page of the 
> Globe.  For people today who panic when they lose cellphone service, 
> that would be quite unsettling.

There used to be a gas station/convenience store in Wesley ~1990.  
That's gone, now.  It must be difficult for the people who live in that 
neck of the woods to do things like grocery shopping, etc.

One summer returning from P.E.I. there was a major accident in one of 
the long, lonely stretches and the police detoured us east all the way 
down to Machias on Route 1 - adding 30+ miles (and 70+ minutes) to an 
already overly long trip.

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