ABC call signs and batteries

Scott Fybush
Tue Nov 24 14:46:36 EST 2009

Dan.Strassberg wrote:
> So the WABC calls disappeared from Nov 1, 1946 to Mar 1, 1953--six
> years and four months. Either ABC also had friends at the FCC or ABC
> was trading on CBS's relationships.

It's also possible that ABC's lawyers were watching closely to make sure 
none of ABC's own affiliates tried to snag the calls - and as the "ABC 
network" brand became more prominent, it would have made less and less 
sense for any non-ABC to want the calls.
> And to think, there was no American Broadcasting Co when the WABC
> calls were first assigned (to the station that is now WCBS). Although
> ABC is obviously highly memorable and could have stood for almost
> anything, the origiual WABC stood for Atlantic Battery Company, the
> name of the original owner of the station that is now WCBS.

WABC was actually the second set of calls for that station; it began as 
WAHG, named for radio manufacturer A.H. Grebe.


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