Interstates and Nassau (but not why there are no Interstates IN Nassau...that would be a different thread)

Paul Hopfgarten
Tue Nov 24 04:27:07 EST 2009

I believe that there may have been some deal with the Feds to drop the 128 
designation from Canton to Braintree (I-93 US-1 now). BTW They added US 1 to 
the SE Expressway/Old 128 Braintree-Dedham stretch due to trucks crashing 
into the Storrow Drive Bridges Stretch of US 1....

Originally, the I-95 Canton-Peabody stretch of 128 was ALSO supposed to lose 
the 128 designation. Dropping the 128 sineage from Canton to Braintree ONLY 
maybe was a compromise?

I would have put the I-93 signs on Rte 24 from Randolph to Tiverton RI, made 
the short Randolph-Canton stretch of Former 128 as I-595 (or such)...and 
made Rte 3 from Braintree-Bourne signed as I-193, but that's just me...

Oh...and so it's radio.... Nassau is still stunting on 101.5 Meredith (WWHQ) 
to move to 104.9 (WLKZ Wolfeboro) and for the last week, 99.1 Henniker 
(WNNH) has been stunting the entire NH Nassau property group (93.3 WNHI 
Belmont, 106.3 WFNQ Nashua, 105.5 WJYY Concord, 104.9 WLKZ Wolfeboro, 98.3 
WLNH Laconia & 1490 WEMJ Laconia)

-Paul Hopfgarten
Derry NH/Freeport ME (formerly Randolph MA)

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> On 23 Nov 2009 at 14:57, Sean Smyth wrote:
>> On topic, sort of: I'm always amazed by the cross pollination between
>> the radio geek and road geek communities. Several regulars here also
>> post at misc.transport.road, or at least did when I regularly hung out
>> over there (admittedly, many years ago now). And we're all interested
>> in highway signage, too, it seems.
> Then maybe someone can explain why they took away the Route 128
> designation for the southernmost part of Route 128.  When I had court
> in Brockton for the first time in many years, coming back up Route
> 24, I got completely confused because What I always knew as Route 128
> North was now I-93 South.  They can designate the Interstate highways
> with whatever Interstate numbers they like, but why can't the state
> route numbers be left alone?
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