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Mon Nov 23 18:34:28 EST 2009

 I can't prove it but I'm 99 & 44/100 % sure that the original entrance to Ch. 30 was from New Britain Ave. 
 The station moved to 1422 a year or so after it started operations. According to Ch. 30 engineer in the 70s, the station had temporary studios and offices in a West Hartford shopping center near 1422. 
 My uncle worked for George Dewey and Co. movers and helped moved WKNB-TV into the then-new studios. He had a photo of himself and another man, standing by the moving van with the call letters prominently displayed on the front of the building.
 As to NBC owning Ch. 30 twice, yes. In the mid-fifties, NBC purchased the station and the call letters changed to WNBC, and I believe there was a -TV at the end. About the same time, CBS bought WGTH Channel 18 from General Tire Hartford - one version of what GTH was supposed to have represented. An acquaintance was an engineer with WTHT and, after the station ceased being a separate entity, went temporarily to WGTH radio, the amalgam of WTHT and WONS, now WPOP. He went back to 18 when it went on the air in August, 1954. But, back to Ch. 30.
 The great UHF experiment didn't work out. I don't know why NBC sold 30, but CBS dumped out on 18 after WTIC-TV (the original) started. There is an urban legend that on the last night of its affiliation with CBS, an enterprising person put a tear in the corner of the CBS slide. Good story, anyway.
 Dick Bertel, late of WTIC radio, worked at WGTH radio. He said in his recent reminiscence of the late Bob Ellsworth that aired on WJMJ-FM that WGTH radio was co-located at 555 Asylum Ave. for a time. I've been researching the history of WTHT AM and FM since 1974 and never heard that. My understanding is that, after the merger the station operated from the WONS site at 54 Pratt Street. If anyone has information about the station working out of the old WTHT studios, I'd like to know about it. 
 When I saw the studios - about 1972 or so - the large radio studio had become TV control; radio control contained racks of TV equipment and the small studio and former WTHT-FM room(s) I have no knowledge of.
Bob Paine


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