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Mon Nov 23 16:38:20 EST 2009

I drove 86 last summer for the first time, coming home from Philadelphia 
(my wife and I just decided to take the Watkins Glen route home) and we 
were wondering why that road wasn't officially an Interstate Highway for 
many miles until I nearly t-boned some poor bastard coming off a tiny 
side road that just exited right onto a 55MPH divided, four-lane 
highway.  Holy crap!  There's at least a half-dozen of those 
"interchanges" where the eastbound traffic can make a left-hand-turn 
across the westbound lanes onto what looks like personal driveways. 
(that's how teeny those side roads are)   Yee-haw!

I don't know all the politics, but given the state's budget crisis and 
how little anyone in Albany ever cares about the Southern Tier, and the 
terrain (in some places it's basically mountain on one side, river on 
the other) I don't think the DOT will *ever* build proper US Interstate 
System interchanges/flyovers there.


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The piece of I-86 in New York is supplanting in parts, and will 
eventually replace in whole, NY-17 (the Southern Tier Expressway).

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