UHF in Southern New England (was WHNB/WVIT Channel 30 (was Re: WTAG-TV?))

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Sun Nov 22 22:25:26 EST 2009

Am I correct in thinking that Channel 30 has been owned by NBC twice?  
Wasn't there a related AM station at one time (WHNB or WKNB 840 in New 
Britain)?   WTIC was Hartford's NBC Radio affiliate for decades before 
it switched to CBS in the late '80s --- was 840 with NBC as well?  -Doug

Quoting Paul Anderson <paulranderson@charter.net>:
> On Nov 21, 2009, at 8:56 PM, Bill Dillane wrote:
> > On another note, the FCC in the 50s and early 60s made several attempts to
> > move the Channel 3 allocation from Hartford to Providence.  Travelers
> > Insurance fought back (both before and after the WTIC-TV3 sign-on), and
> > Senator Abe Ribicoff publicly petitioned the FCC.  The FCC's purpose was to
> > make Hartford an all-UHF market (Ch 8 in New Haven was 
> grandfathered because
> > it had gone on the air before the TV allocation freeze). 
> In reading the histories of various early UHF stations that failed, it's
> interesting that UHF in Hartford and Springfield was successful from 
> the start. Everybody had UHF tuners or converters.  I moved from New 
> Jersey to Connecticut
> in 1968 and we sure got a UHF converter fast!  Not even poor little 
> channel 20
> failed during all those years that other UHFs went under in other 
> parts of the
> country. 
> I have an Arbitron ratings book from 1961 and it shows WHNB (channel 30) very
> competitive with channels 3 and 8 in the Hartford area, often beating 
> channel 3
> in certain dayparts. 
> Paul

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