Aaron Read friedbagels@gmail.com
Mon Nov 23 13:17:46 EST 2009

Kevin Vahey wrote:
> While we are at it we should bow our heads for the long forgotten I-86
> from Sturbridge to Hartford.

Eh?  I thought that's what I-84 was today?

There's the still-kicking-around idea of extending I-384 from Bolton, CT 
to Providence, RI...replacing the "Suicide Six" (US RT.6) road that's 
incredible dangerous as it repeatedly goes from 
twisty-hilly-two-lane-farm-road to four-lane-divided-highway.   If 
you're trying to get from Hartford to Providence, it's almost faster to 
take SR 2 to SR 11 to ST 85 to I-95.

Of course, the reason I-384 never gets built is: who the hell wants to 
get from Providence to Hartford (or vice versa)???  :-)

> Of course this is nothing compared to I-95 in New Jersey.

Indeed.  And it wouldn't be nearly as obnoxious if there were an 
interchange between I-95 and I-276 (Penn Turnpike)...but of course, 
there isn't.  Found that out the hard way, once.

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