WTAG open house?

Joe joe@scanworcester.com
Sat Nov 21 19:31:14 EST 2009

I'm sure I could arrange something for WSRS, if need be.

- Joe

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I've been wanting to see the WTAG site for a very long time now...and 
depending on the date and the weather, this would probably be all the 
incentive I'd need to clear a couple of days out of my schedule and make 
the drive to New England. (Especially if a tour of the studios/WSRS site 
could be arranged, too :)


Kelleher, Daniel wrote:
> Hello All
>   I am thinking about hosting an open house at the WTAG transmitter site
> in Holden. Some Saturday in January, perhaps the afternoon of the 16th.
> Much old hardware and ephemeral material has been collected at the site.
> WTAG alumni like CE John Andrews, hold interesting recollections. John,
> what do you think? Who might be gathered up? Before proceeding, I'd like
> to know there is a level of interest. How many might be close enough to
> attend. Let me know. Thanks
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