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On 19 Nov 2009 at 8:28, Paul Anderson wrote:

> As far as the Mass Pike goes, wasn't the placement of the road outside
> Worcester some sort of political retaliation?  I'm sure the story is
> convoluted.  But remember, roads like I-90 were supposed to go _near_
> cities, not through them, by design.  But the lack of a good Pike
> connection to the southeast (such as Route 146 is today) and the lack
> of Channel 5 probably did hurt the city.
I believe there were some major powers in the Legislature at the time 
who were from farther west.  This may be why there are so many exits 
around the Springfield-Chicopee area.   It may also be why there is I-
91 along the Connecticut River, but no similar north-south road in 
Worcester County.

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