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What were they thinking?  You didn't have to be a genius then to know that having a VHF TV license in the early 50's was a license to print money.   The ABC affiliation for Boston and Providence would have been available to them, I would think.   I wonder why they built a building and tower presumably, and then walked away from it.

Chris Sullivan

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> Years ago I applied for a job a WSRS...when I had my interview with the PD 
> he told me the story of the building - it had been built for TV...but he 
> said that the license from the FCC and the cancellation letter from T&G 
> crossed in the mail. 
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> Does anyone here know how close WTAG-TV channel 5 ever got to actually 
> going on the air? 
> I understand they had the license in hand and mailed it back to the FCC. 
> Did they ever transmit a test pattern? 
> If any of this is true then the T&G may have pulled one of the all 
> time blunders. I can confirm they sold WTAG-FM on the cheap in the 
> early 60's and it became WSRS. 

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