WHDH/WCVB switchover, 1972

Peter Q. George radiojunkie3@yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 17:52:08 EST 2009

Virtually everyone from WHDH-TV (Channel 5) moved over to WCVB-TV on Sunday, March 19, 1972.  A few people from the old Channel 5 stuck around for a few months to help in the transition to breakdown the old facility. For the most part, by the beginning of 1973, the entire crew had made the move to Needham.  WHDH-TV left an excellent legacy with great people.  WCVB-TV did not want to break apart a great team from the WHDH-TV staff, so about 90% of the WHDH-TV crew made the transition to WCVB-TV.  It didn't hurt to be in the same local union, either. 

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> Curious about something . . . How
> many staff people at the old WHDH-TV signed contracts with
> Boston Broadcasters and moved over to WCVB when it went on
> the air?  I wasn't in central Mass. at the time of the
> switch.  I do know that Ken Vahey, Don Gillis and Frank
> Avruch were among those who made the transition.  
> -Doug


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