The new WGBH lineup

Tue Nov 17 21:59:32 EST 2009

Says You at 8 followed by Jazz at 10 makes little sense. Says You is a
one-hour show. Jazz currently begins at 9:00PM on Saturday, right
after Says You. Do they have another talk show ready to go in the
9:00PM hour? Maybe What Do You Know? I think that is a two-hour show,
but I guess they don't have to run all of it.

The idea that 89.7 will carry so many of the programs that WBUR
already carries (albeit in different day parts) strikes me as both
uncreative and not very smart. I am under the impression that WBUR
does not carry all of the talk shows that NPR, American Public Media,
and the BBC syndicate. One would think that WGBH could find programs
from those menus and could keep the duplication with WBUR down to a
dull roar. If they can't choose programs that presumably are already
available to them, 89.7 is going to fall on its sword.

As for the classical on 99.5, if the promos they have been running on
TV are any indication of the music selection, I think Mr Glavin is
going to be seriously disappointed. I've heard nothing but familar
orchestral works--none of the opera or atonal crap that are so dear to
his heart. If 99.5 under WGBH ownership stays mainstram classical as
it was for several decades under both Charles River and Nassau
ownership, we can look for the rhetoric of the curmudgeon of Methuen
to scale new heights of invective;>(

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I was curious to see what would be replacing the blues and folk shows
on WGBH next month so I used the search feature on
their schedule page. For the first Saturday in December, they list
This American Life at noon followed by On the Media at 1,
Celtic Sojourn at 3, Prairie Home at 6, Says You! at 8, then Jazz with
Bob Parlocha at 10 pm.

For weekdays I went to Dec 1 and 2 and found they still had classical
listed 9 am to 4 pm but by Friday Dec 4 you see
such things as blank spaces between 12-3 pm (still being worked out?)
and: The Takeaway at 9 am, Diane Rehm at 10am,
Fresh Air at 2 pm, and The World at 3 pm. The World also airs a bit
later, I think. Eli P. noted that there's some
duplication with WBUR.

So, cost-cutting by getting rid of some local hosts...and other
changes, the biggest of course being the migration of
classical to 99.5. An effort (facebook group, etc.) to try to change
their minds about losing the folk and blues
shows is underway but we don't know if it will succeed.

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