Christmas time.

Ron Bello
Sat Nov 14 16:36:17 EST 2009

WODS has been running teasers for Christmas music for a couple of
weeks.  They had been streaming it for those who couldn't wait.
It is a good time of the year to get CDs from the local library to add
to my iPod or discover new music.  Only 41 days until it goes away !

On Saturday, November 14, 2009, Bob Nelson <> wrote:
> Supposedly both stations were getting a lot of emails asking when the
> Christmas music would start. No word on how many of them were from
> sponsors, and managers at Greater Media and CBS...
> On Sat, Nov 14, 2009 at 2:28 PM, Ted Larsen <> wrote:
>> Oh no! This HAS to be a ratings killer. Two weeks before Xmas used to be the
>> norm. This is plain silly.
> Back to Chri$tma$ has 2 S's in it and they're both dollar signs. Yes
> it is early but while some will "take it off the presets", many others
> will welcome the news. Listeners...also maybe some stores who will put
> these stations on as background music (provided they've paid the
> BMI rights). The laundromat I go to usually has Magic...106.7...on, so
> I won't be bombarded by the Yule stuff.
> Supposedly it could have been earlier but they wanted to wait as the
> weather was still kind of warm (plus there was election day &
> veteran's day). They have gone from 2 wks before the holiday to the
> start of Dec  to Thanksgiving, all the way back to the first or second
> week of
> Nov. But hey, the holiday stuff may have been in the stores around the
> same time the Halloween candy went in...

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