WGIR vs WHEB Question

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Here's more than you ever wanted to know about  Neutaconkanut Hill Summit - 
Rhode Island Mountain Peak Information. With topo map showing WPRO, etc.

http://www.mountainzone.com/mountains/detail.asp?fid=2514756 I guess 292 ft. 
passes for a mountain in RI.


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> The mountain is Uncanoonuc.
> http://www.nelsap.org/nh/uncanoonuc.html
> http://www.gotopinardville.com/uncanoonuc_mountains.htm
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> I've mastered Asnebumskit (Paxton MA) and I'm part way to getting
> Neutaconconaut (not sure of the spelling, but I know it's in Johnston
> RI) but I haven't a clue about the name of the mountain or hill that
> is home to several Manchester FMs plus Channel "9" (RF 59 according to
> the software I'm using but the software may be out of date because I
> thought 59 was in the group of channels that was auctioned off for
> non-TV uses) or the name of the town in which that site is located. I
> do believe the name of the hill/mountain is a polysyllabic
> native-American name, however. Anyhow, isn't WGIR-FM on that same
> mountain/hill? And if so, shouldn't the first thing to do be to check
> out WZID, which is also there (if not on the same tower, then, on a
> tower that is quite close by)? If you have similar troubles receiving
> both stations, the problem is topography. I'm hoping that even if this
> post doesn't bring an answer to Paul's reception question, it will
> bring an answer to my name the mountain/town question.
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>>> I figured I'd ask here, I'm sure someone who is familiar with the
>>> area
>>> would
>>> have an answer. Is there some kind of terrain shielding or some
>>> form of
>>> terrestrial interference? (transltor or some kind of itnerference
>>> from
>>> another Fm signal?
>> I've always thought that WGIR-FM has come in fine in Concord when
>> I've been
>> passing through (many times).
>> Jeff Lehmann
>> Hanson, MA

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