Digital TV

Mike Fitzpatrick
Wed Nov 11 13:45:58 EST 2009

Sounds like you are suffering from bad ingress. It's the same as what would
happen with leaky cable tv wiring on channels, 2, 4, 5, and 7.
Where you would see the cable's signal and the over the air signal
simultaneously. Because the cable system's signal was different than the
over the air.
(RF Phase, RF frequency shift, etc), the signal would look bad. With your
situation where you have a master antenna system, you have a cable driven RF
signal on channel 19 (WGBH-DT) and over the air leakage. The two digital
signals being entered into the box could cause all kinds of problems, such
as the one you're describing (Because the master antenna system will
"adjust" the RF slightly, to put it non technically). I come to this
conclusion for two reasons. 1) you say playing with the connector helps., if
the connectors were seated properly and spliced correctly, touching them
would make absolutely no difference at all. And 2) you said shifting your
body changes things, well your body affects over the air RF. If it is a
closed master antenna system, yet shifting your body changes the effect,
then you have ingress getting into it somewhere. You should be able to move
all over your room and never see an effect on the signal. Have you tried
disconnecting the master antenna system and just putting in a passive set
top antenna? In Brookline, I would expect you'd get just about everything
crystal clear.


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Might as well ring in from Brookline Village... are working, the  
image is better than it was prior to digital. 

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