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Mon Nov 9 08:20:16 EST 2009

I have found that, sometimes, when my reception deteriorates, if I
move the antenna 10-in (and sometimes even less) I can get a big
improvement--maybe no reception problems for several days. Then, the
reception will deteriorate again and sometimes, if I move the antenna
back to the position it was in before I moved it to improve the
reception, the reception will again improve. IOW, what "fixed" the
problem on Monday can "break" it on Thursday and what "broke" the
reception on Thursday can "fix" it again the following Monday. I can
find no pattern in what causes the problem and what fixes it. Moreover
the things to fiddle with are virtually limitless--especially when you
take them in combination. I doubt that I can even do a good job of
_listing_ the variables, never mind _trying_ them in combination. For
absolutely certain, even though the positions of the whips, which are
physically part of the indoor antenna unit, are not supposed to make a
difference (the whips are for VHF reception and the signals--except
for one of the two "7s"--are all UHF), they absolutely make a
difference--often a profound difference. Nevertheless, if the
industry/FCC grand plan is to frustrate me to the point of getting me
to fork over $40+ per month for cable or satellite TV, the plan has
not yet succeeded.

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> Just an update
> I picked up at CVS a nice DTV 7 inch battery powered unit made by
> PRISM. When it locks in the picture is flawless..but
> In my bathroom which faces north I get all the Milwaukee stations
> perfectly and both WBBM and WLS. Move 10 feet and again nothing but
> I have to wonder - the apartment building next to mine facing south
> has a cell phone nest on it. There is also an XM repeater one block
> away.
> I sense I live in mutipath hell

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