Digital TV

Ron Bello
Sun Nov 8 13:17:20 EST 2009

The improvement is in picture quality.
1080P high def video.

The plus for the government is freeing up spectrum space which they
have auctioned to the highest bidder.

Last week I setup a new Sony flat screen for my parents.  Of course
they didn't have the cable to connect to the Direct TV box.  So, with
my mother looking like a sad puppy, I cut the connector off an unused
cable, striped one of wires and shoved the end into the antenna jack.
Pushed scan and in 5 minutes had 22 channels of beautiful hidef video.

The rest of the story is that they are located only a couple of miles
south of the Needham / Newton antenna farm.  No hills just line of
sight reception.  WHDH still is transmitting on both channel 7 and 42.
 Just 2 miles away, channel 7 would not lock in.

On Saturday, November 7, 2009, A. Joseph Ross <> wrote:
> Since I have cable, I don't often need to watch DTV off the air, even
> though I got the converters.  But a couple of days ago I watched a
> show on channel 4 while my VCR taped a show off a cable channel.
> Even though the display showed good signal strength and signal
> quality, several times during the program, the signal broke up and
> the message "Bad or no signal" came on screen.
> Just why was this supposed to be an improvement?
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