Digital TV

Kevin Vahey
Sun Nov 8 02:37:01 EST 2009

Umm well the government selling the spectrum .....

Chicago is a complete farce

In my apartment in Evanston which is less than ten miles by seagull or
crow from the Sears or Hancock I can get exactly two channels OTA

WFLD (FOX 32) and low power analog channel 23. That is it...

Before the conversion I got everything fine (with some ghosting) and
also OTA from Michigan and Wisconsin. Now..

In Chicago the FCC allowed WLS-TV a second digital channel but my
tuners are oblivious.

No biggie to me having cable but geeze I have to laugh that LP-23
analog seems to be the only reliable signal in Cook County

On 11/7/09, A. Joseph Ross <> wrote:
> Since I have cable, I don't often need to watch DTV off the air, even
> though I got the converters.  But a couple of days ago I watched a
> show on channel 4 while my VCR taped a show off a cable channel.
> Even though the display showed good signal strength and signal
> quality, several times during the program, the signal broke up and
> the message "Bad or no signal" came on screen.
> Just why was this supposed to be an improvement?
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