Guy wire distances - how much can you cheat?

Gordon Mangum
Tue May 26 02:18:10 EDT 2009

Great list all, I much appreciate browsing through here from time to time.

I've got a question about guy wires placement. I'm putting up a 60 meter
mast for a 250 Watt FM community radio station in Sudan (not Boston I'm
afraid, but I used to work there), so the guy wire anchor points are
supposed be 30 meters away. My problem is the [bleeping] non-government
organization who'se compound we have to build this mast in didn't request
enough land from the government to allow that kind of spacing. So, I was
hoping some of you might have an opinion on how much can I fudge the
distance of the anchor points while still having a safe, durable mast?

Many Thanks!

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