Beat the Press re: Severin

Bob Nelson
Sat May 23 11:59:57 EDT 2009

A six minute segment from Ch 2's Beat the Press talking about Jay Severin. The panelists suspect
re-negotiations are going on and WTKK may try to reduce his salary and at the very least his perks
(perhaps having him broadcast from their studios rather than his home) and toning him down, but he
could be back.

Having Jay in their studios with executives nearby monitoring it to make sure he doesn't cross the line...?
Sponsor boycotts have worked in the past; it got Imus off WFAN (only to land on WABC) There is
talk on the segment of re-examining talk hosts and their shows, etc.

People like Jay have been called shock jocks. But there's a slippery slope here; what if someone who
lives close to the line actually crosses over it? (One comment on the WGBH site says they have an effort
to boycott WTKK if Severin is brought back. Actually the PPMs may be showing people are boycotting
WTKK in another way: simply not listening (dwindling ratings)

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