WTKK's Jay Severin Suspended Indefinitely

Richard Chonak rac@gabrielmass.com
Fri May 1 15:42:01 EDT 2009

Yesterday, I listened to an audio clip on the Globe site, and figured 
the insult wasn't an ethnic slur, just a bit of name-calling against 
illegal immigrants.

But the quotes in this Herald piece include some pretty ugly talk:

> Severin also called Mexican immigrants the “lowest of primitives,” called one of Mexico’s biggest “exports” “women with mustaches and VD,” said Mexicans don’t practice hygiene, called Mexicans “leeches” and said their kids aren’t vaccinated, don’t speak English and “retard” U.S. Schools.  [sic]

However, his agent has a pretty good defense: WTTK has suspended Severin 
for outrageous comments -- which, he says, the station used in promos!

Is there a chance that this kerfuffle is really just a publicity gimmick 
or a contract negotiation ploy?


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