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Google Mr. Carpenter's name and eventually you will find a St. Petersburg 
Times article about his death. He passed away in 1990 at age 74, having 
lived in Florida since 1963 and enjoying a long career in station ownership 
there.   -Doug

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> Having lost contact for more years than I care to remember, does anyone
> on the list
> happen to know what ever happened to MURRAY CARPENTER, (probably no
> longer with us?)  who gave me my first job in radio way back in 1953 at
> WGUY in Bangor.
> Our studios were in  what is now the Ch.2 building on Mt. Hope Ave.  When
> I left for
> greener pastures, Murray was in the process of  building WTWO-TV (ch.2)
> at the same location.
> Bud
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