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I am getting very light RF interference on my computer here in Newton 
(near Brookline line) Of course, I am not surprised since I can
see most of the tower lights at night of the antennae in 
Newton/Needham, but hope they will be able to add whatever filtration 
needed to fix this problem which was discussed in the current issue of 
THE NEWTON TAB.  I followed the directions in their article: "Oak 
Hill: Where landlines sing & toilets talk" but in order to "comment" 
on RF trouble, it is necessary to "register" - but found this 
impossible because the verifying (no-spam)
letters/numerals are not totally within the windows page.  Hmmmmm.....
Tom Heathwood


>From your description of your location, your interference problem most 
likely comes from WKOX/WRCA/WUNR, which only began operating at full 
power two weeks ago from the former WUNR site at 750 Sawmill Brook 
Parkway in Newton's Oak Hill section. But these stations have no tower 
lights! The five 200' towers that replaced WUNR's two 350' towers are 
not tall enough to require illumination. So correlating your 
interference problem with the visibility of the lights on the tall 
FM/TV towers is a red herring.

I tried in vain to find the URL of the Web site you mentioned for 
sending interference reports to WKOX/WRCA/WUNR. Since I can't find the 
site, I can't comment on your experiences with it. The problems you 
reported experiencing with the Web site may be caused by the Web page 
you are trying to access or the setup of your browser. If you are 
using a recent version of Internet Explorer, see if you can reduce the 
magnification of the page. The controls for doing that are at the 
extreme lower right corner of the IE window--but, at least for me, 
they don't appear on every Web page I visit.

Dan Strassberg (dan.strassberg@att.net)
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