Oldest religious broadcast?

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I believe that whenever the FCC approves a request for new broadcast
stations calls, they send the grantee a history of where those calls
have been and when--to the extent that the FCC knows where the calls
have been and when. If I am correct, then, Lerner et al had been
advised that WSSH had been licensed to Boston in the '20s. Whether
WSSH (FM) Lowell kept a copy of that letter in its files is, of
course, another matter.

Now, my question is whether the first WSSH shared time with another
station (WNAC most likely)? In those days, before directional
transmitting antennas, AM time-shares were common in large markets,
where there were many more applicants than available frequencies. And
it was common for church-owned shared-time stations to operate only on
Sundays (examples: KPPC Pasadena, WBBL Richmond, WHBI Newark, which by
the 1940s, when I discovered it, was not church owned--but it may have
been originally). Some of those church-owned stations used the
transmitting facilities of commercial stations with which they shared
time, but not all did. KPPC did not exactly share time with any
station but nearby first- and second-adjacent stations had to reduce
power when KPPC was on. WHBI did not use the transmitter of WNEW
(later WOV). Earlier, WHBI may have shared time with WODA and WAAM,
which combined to become WOV.

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> On 28 Mar 2009 at 18:05, Donna Halper wrote:
>> Tremont Temple Baptist Church put their own station on the air--
>> (Strangers' Sabbath Home) circa 1924.
> I wonder whether the owners of the more recent WSSH knew about that.
> I'm guessing not.
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