Larry Glick

Joe Corcoran
Sat Mar 28 20:23:34 EDT 2009


I don't know the exact dates, but BZ moved many of their personalities on a fairly regular basis at one time.  Raleigh did middays for several years when he came over from WHDH, then went to overnights.  I believe he went back to middays when Maynard did overnights.  Even Carl DeSuze was moved to middays late in his career, I believe that's when they put Maynard on mornings.  Glick was sort of a fill in guy when he first came to BZ.  He was doing a lot of vacation subs.  I can remember him doing afternoons one day, but stating he would be doing overnights starting the next week.  In true Glick style, he kept saying "I can't get a day job" all through the shift.  So the timeline is possible as Raleigh's twenty years were probably more like 14 or 15 on overnights.  Someone else may have a more accurate accounting of all the moves.  

One of my great memories of Larry was pulling an all night shift (after doing afternoon drive, my regular shift) on a 250 watt graveyarder in Rhode Island during a winter ice storm a month before the blizzard of 78.  We were running on generator since our entire coverage area was out of power.  All night we were taking calls from listeners, passing along info and keeping them awake to feed fireplaces to stay warm.  We had no call screener and were simply punching up lines live on the air (no delay).  Somwhere around 3 a.m., I punch up the next line, and it's Larry Glick on BZ.  He had heard about what we were doing from someone who called him, so he dialed us up.  We wound up doing a half hour together, live on both stations.  I still have the show on a 7 inch reel somewhere.  Should dump it to digital before the tape disintegrates!

Joe Corcoran

>IIRC, Steve said that Larry did overnights on 'BZ from 1968 to
>1986--eighteen years. Didn't the obit say that Larry was 87 when he
>died? If so, he would have been born in 1922, right? Which would mean
>that he didn't start at 'BZ until he was 46. . I'm pretty sure that
>Glick was at WMEX for more than just four years. Also I'm not sure
>where Dave Maynard fits in the chronology of 'BZ overnight hosts. Was
>he between Glick and Raleigh? The more I think about this, the less it
>all adds up.

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