Larry Glick

Sean Smyth
Sat Mar 28 14:20:31 EDT 2009

On Sat, 3/28/09, Don A <> wrote:
> You might recall WBZ made a bold move and moved him to
> afternoons at WBZ for awhile.....and then the offer to go to
> WHDH came.
> After the year of paid leave.....WHDH originally had him on
> during the day (was it afternoons of middays?).....with
> dismal ratings.  They last year or so they moved him to 10PM
> - 2AM...whcih fit his style better....but, again, without
> the signal reach....and the calval;cade of callers.

I recall Larry being on middays, after Jess Cain. I believe he may have been replaced by Pat Whitley? I can't recall. (A search of Globe and Herald archives isn't getting me any more info.) 

Larry did a couple LTAR shows 14 or 15 years ago, some good stuff. Going through some old tapes a couple years ago, I rediscovered PSAs he recorded for WJIB.


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