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>I've been picking up WPXG DT21, all four sub-channels since about 
>July 2008 from here in Londonderry NH when I got my converter 
>boxes.  Original sub-channes were 21.2 through 21.5 with Qubo being 
>21.3.  After a reconfiguration a couple of months ago, I noted on 
>this list that the sub-channels were now 21.1 through 21.4, with 
>Qubo bumped to 21.1.
>John B

I installed my D-to-A box last summer and just started getting a picture of
any sort about 3 weeks ago, so I'm assuming some kind of transmission adjustment 
has been made.  Maybe they just installed that directional antenna that seems to be aimed
directly at where I live!

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