WKOX, WRCA, WUNR at full power

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But to get accurate readings from an FIM don't you need to be out of
doors, away from the power lines inside of a house (and probably even
away from phone lines--because they can reradiate too)? I suspect that
a lot of the problems I've experienced with field-strength indicators
on consumer receivers were the result of attempting to take readings
indoors. I suspect that if I had an FIM and I insisted on using it
indoors, I might not do much, if any, better with repeatability than I
have done with consumer radios.

I have trouble envisioning myself with a sleeping bag and my FIM
camping out in the middle of the playground behind my property. The
playground is, however, the only place I can think of in a half-mile
radius of my house that is likely to be far enough from power and
phone lines to permit repeatable--even if not accurate--readings.
Also, the playground is usually occupied during the day (well, maybe
not so much in the dead of winter--especially when it's covered with a
foot or more of snow). But the likelihood of being hit by a baseball
probably limits the playgound's usefulness for daytime measurements in
good weather. And I think that the signs say that, at night, the
police don't want you to be in the playground.

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>>I'm sure that there must be communication receivers that
have reliable AM signal-strength displays, but put me down as a
skeptic about AM signal-strength displays on consumer products. If I
ever again think that I have found one, I will have to live with it
for a few weeks before I even begin to have faith in the readings.<<

After using a FIM, I won't go back...expensive, but trustworthy.  :-)
Can you borrow one?

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