WKOX, WRCA, WUNR at full power

r.j.carpenter rcarpen@comcast.net
Tue Mar 17 13:52:20 EDT 2009

Glen Clark wrote:

> Many AM projects are, at the core, real estate
> deals. Despite going from 4 towers to 6 towers,
> the acreage required for the WWLG night array
> was a fraction of the acreage liberated by the
> removal of the WCBM array. And land adjacent
> to an interchange off of I-795 at Owings Mills
> had a much higher per-acre cost than the rural
> location where we relocated the 680 kHz array.

I must say that the new WCBM site and installation are very impressive. 
  It looks like a fairly upscale (but low density) area. Such wide 
spacing on 680 sure occupies a lot of real estate. New arrays a third of 
a mile long must be rare these days.

bob c.

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