WKOX, WRCA, WUNR at full power

Glen Clark glen@clarkcom.com
Tue Mar 17 12:22:31 EDT 2009

On Mar 17, 2009, at 10:53 AM, r.j.carpenter wrote:

> I'm still somewhat surprised that people are willing to spend a lot  
> on AM these days.

It helps to remember the gestation period for an
AM buildout. I was going to zoning and wetland
hearings in Newton when Bill Clinton was still in
the White house. (The project went from our office
to Ben Dawson when Fairbanks sold WKOX to
Clear Channel). It's not clear that this project
would be funded if it was new today.

> The Baltimore move to 1370 with two sites, six towers each, 50 kW  
> days, must have cost a pretty penny just as few years ago. At least  
> the company owned the night site, formerly WCBM's.

Many AM projects are, at the core, real estate
deals. Despite going from 4 towers to 6 towers,
the acreage required for the WWLG night array
was a fraction of the acreage liberated by the
removal of the WCBM array. And land adjacent
to an interchange off of I-795 at Owings Mills
had a much higher per-acre cost than the rural
location where we relocated the 680 kHz array.

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