Older consumers impervious to marketing

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I searched for messages in the original thread that would indicate
Maureeen's opinion on older listeners' susceptibility to the
blandishments of radio advertising. As far as I can tell, she didn't
commit herself on the issue, except to say that younger listeners are
fleeing radio for iPods and MP-3 players while older listeners are
more tolerant of radio's long spot breaks. That suggests that she
strongly believes that older listeners are at least more willing than
younger ones to be subjected to commercials broadcast on radio. It is
entirely possible, however, that she nevertheless believes that a much
larger percentage of younger listeners will respond positively to
commercial messages they have heard on radio.

Anyhow, as far as I can tell, all we have in this thread is the
assertion that money spent on radio ads directed at older listeners is
money poured down a rathole. Based on the behavior of time buyers,
this assertion might as well have been handed to Moses on a stone
tablet along with the ten commandments; I've yet to see or hear in
this thread any proof of its truth. Until someone presents some
credible evidence of its truth, simple repetition of the shopworn
assertion adds nothing to the discussion.

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>> Prove it! All you are doing is repeating the urban legend.
> It doesn't matter whether it's a legend (urban or otherwise); what
> matters is whether marketers and sales reps still believe it.  I'll
> take Maureen's word for (or against) it, since she's worked on that
> side of the fence for a good while.
> -GAWollman

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