Change in New York Radio (again)

Roger Kirk
Thu Mar 12 01:30:55 EDT 2009

Paul Hopfgarten wrote:
> It's not whether you BUY things or not.....
> It's whether you're more willing to switch brands or not, and our age 
> group (50+) simply isn't as open to trying different brands as the 
> young minds full of mush.
Possibly true, but ads that merely inform of the existence of a product 
(rather than touting its alleged advantages over a competing product 
i.e. switch brands) can still be useful for the older generation. 

I tend to agree that those of us 54+ (Lord, I wish I was 54 again) are 
more likely to consider whether or not we really NEED a product before 
buying instead of rushing out to buy - just because we GOTTA have it!  
Less likely for us to be "early adopters" than people in their 20's.

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