Alex Langer Launching Brazilian Programming On WJOE

Doug Drown
Wed Mar 11 10:48:55 EDT 2009

Interesting.  I'm sure Langer has done his homework, but I have a hard time 
believing there are that many Portuguese-speaking listeners in western 
Mass., New Hampshire and Vermont.  Also interesting is the fact that modern 
Brazil is much more diverse religiously than in the past.  It has a large 
evangelical Protestant population that is getting bigger every year.  I 
wonder if it's the emigres of that group who are the targeted audience.  I 
guess we'll find out.   -Doug

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> The article states that WJOE's will be a Brazilian RELIGIOUS station, 
> which
> probably limits its appeal to a fraction of whatever Brazilian community
> exists within its coverage area. As a non-Brazilian, I might have found a
> Brazilian station with a musical format a nice change of pace, but music
> obviously doesn't pay the bills, and you have to hire and pay people to 
> play
> it. Too bad. Looks like all WJOE will ever be to me is another impediment 
> to
> listening to WLW at night.
> Howard
> Paul B. Walker wrote:
>> I highly doubt listeners to WSRO in Framingham and Dudley, as quote in 
>> the
>> article, will actually be able to hear WJOE 700 from their location.
>> Paul
>> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 4:30 PM, Mark Watson <> 
>> wrote:
>> >  Saw an article in the MetroWest Daily News about a new all-Brazilian
>> > station Alex Langer is putting on the air next Monday, WJOE at 700 AM
> which
>> > if I'm not mistaken is licensed to Athol, but the article doesn't
> mention
>> > that. It does say that the station will be 2500 watts and operate from
>> > studios on Mt. Wayte Ave. in Framingham and will target Brazilian
> listeners
>> > in Western MA, as well as NH, CT, RI & VT.
>> >

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