Alex Langer Launching Brazilian Programming On WJOE

Doug Drown
Tue Mar 10 17:48:23 EDT 2009

WJOE (formerly the late, lamented WPNS [the worst choice of call letters in 
the history of broadcasting]) is licensed to Orange, where the transmitter 
is located and where the original (WCAT) studio building still stands.

I assume this proposal means the whole shebang will be leaving Orange-Athol 
. . . or will the current transmitter act as a relay for western Mass.?  I 
wasn't aware there was a Brazilian market in that area.   Apparently so.

It sticks in my mind that Langer is the current owner, though I may be 
wrong.   -Doug

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>  Saw an article in the MetroWest Daily News about a new all-Brazilian 
> station Alex Langer is putting on the air next Monday, WJOE at 700 AM 
> which if I'm not mistaken is licensed to Athol, but the article doesn't 
> mention that. It does say that the station will be 2500 watts and operate 
> from studios on Mt. Wayte Ave. in Framingham and will target Brazilian 
> listeners in Western MA, as well as NH, CT, RI & VT.
>  Did Langer buy WJOE or is this an LMA? I lost track of who owns WJOE 
> these days.
> Link to the article:
> Mark Watson

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