Limbaugh controversy good for his ratings, and ALL talk radio

Larry Weil
Sat Mar 7 10:54:12 EST 2009

At 2:59 AM -0500 3/7/09, Donna Halper wrote:
>At 02:41 AM 3/7/2009, Bob Nelson wrote:
>>TALKERS magazine reports that what with the Rush Limbaugh 
>>controversy, his ratings have skyrocketed
>>from 14 to 25 million listeners. It could be just a temporary bump, 
>>with people checking him out, out
>>of curiosity, [snip]
>Or it could be a total exaggeration of how many listeners he has.  I 
>don't know of anyone, including Rush himself at the very height of 
>his success, who has 25 million listeners.  Even when he was the 
>biggest ever, the most he had (according to Arbitron figures)  was 
>about 20 million, if I recall.  So while he may indeed have gotten a 
>bump, he also may be doing just a tiny bit of spin-- as any good 
>talk show host will...

And I don't see anything saying if this number is his average 
quarter-hour listenership, or his weekly cume.  These are obviously 
very different things.  And of course, since this has been going on 
for less than a week, would a weekly cume mean anything anyway?

Larry Weil
Lake Wobegone, NH

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